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If the expression matches the data is treated as valid.

This expression works if there is one validation error.

But if you don't have any validation errors the data binding fails. This is a good article but I agree with others who requested a project download... , I did Hello World, worked fine, but am I missing step in between to be able to achieved this puzzle, or I am going too quick. Nice web site, but you should add steps to know what to try first, second,...

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The Advanced Data Grid control provides the following features: Creating a Spark item renderer for an MX Advanced Data Grid control Example: Creating column groups Sorting by multiple columns Styling rows and columns Selecting multiple cells and rows Hierarchical and grouped data display Displaying hierarchical data Displaying grouped data Creating column groups Using item renderers with the Advanced Data Grid controlmx.controls.advanced Data Grid Classes.

Advanced Data Grid Item Renderermx.controls.advanced Data Grid Classes. Data Grid A flag that indicates whether this object can receive focus via the TAB key This is similar to the tab Enabled property used by the Flash Player.

Advanced Data Grid Columnmx.controls.advanced Data Grid Classes. This is usually true for components that handle keyboard input, but some components in controlbars have them set to false because they should not steal focus from another component like an editor.[read-only] A convenience method for determining the unscaled width of the component All of a component's drawing and child layout should be done within a bounding rectangle of this width, which is also passed as an argument to update Display List().

Indicates whether the security restrictions would cause any display objects to be omitted from the list returned by calling the Display Object Objects Under Point() method with the specified point point.transform Around(transform Center: Vector3D, scale: Vector3D = null, rotation: Vector3D = null, translation: Vector3D = null, post Layout Scale: Vector3D = null, post Layout Rotation: Vector3D = null, post Layout Translation: Vector3D = null, invalidate Layout: Boolean = true):void A utility method to update the rotation, scale, and translation of the transform while keeping a particular point, specified in the component's own coordinate space, fixed in the parent's coordinate space.

What we want to do is a simple entry form for an e-mail address. Markup; --------------------- Hidden note: You have a mistype in the last parameter of this line: --------------------- public override Validation Result Validate(object value, Culture Info ulture Info) --------------------- It's "culture Info" with " C" instead of "ulture Info".

If the user enters an invalid e-mail address, the border of the textbox gets red and the tooltip is showing the reason. Problem: I tried to define <sys: String x: Key="email Regex"> but got the error that the TYPE "sys: String" NOT FOUND.In this example I am implementing an generic validation rule that takes a regular expression as validation rule. The datagrid has been designed to reduce development time and to require no specific knowledge from developers. The datagrid displays data in a tabular format and offers rich support to select, sort, group and edit data.Advanced Data Grid Advanced Data Grid Base Ex Advanced Data Grid Base Advanced List Base Scroll Control Base UIComponent Flex Sprite Sprite Display Object Container Interactive Object Display Object Event Dispatcher Object The Advanced Data Grid control expands on the functionality of the standard Data Grid control to add data visualization features to your Adobe Flex application.These features provide greater control of data display, data aggregation, and data formatting.